Inspection Tools



Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is used to measure the geometry of physical objects. It ensures that the product is in absolute par with the client needs.


Optical Measuring Machine

We ensure the quality of our products by using the optical measuring machine. It enables highly precise 2D & 3D measurements and detects very small defects.


Color Meter

We measure the properties of paints and coatings including tone, finish, haze, and transparency with Color Meter.


Sureface Finish

Surface finish is a visual and tactile inspection tool used for identifying the surface qualities of finished workpieces.


Go No Go Gauge

We check every work piece in our production line against its allowed tolerances with this inspection tool. It has an integral part of the quality process.


Digital Caliper

During the manufacturing process, we use digital calipers to get precise measurements of an object. It allows us to fulfill our quality commitment.

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