Company Introduction

Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd. transcends as the manufacturer of a wide range of mechanical parts to all major industries across the globe. Least to say that our company has gained an affirmative presence in the market and sustained it for more than 15 years.

Located at Shenzhen, China (one of the most important port and mechanical parts base in the country) the company was established in 2003. At present, we occupy 13000 ㎡and and have about 200 skilled employees working at our base to make dreams possible for our clients.

We provide one-stop OEM services, tooling design, stamping machines, laser machines, CNC machines, surface treatment, packing for shipment, other related products and services in accordance with the customers requirements. Here is how Quality is Supported at Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd. –

  • Our team of engineers inspect and examine the parts at all stages of production with emphasis on meeting the drawing dimensions and general appearance of the parts.
  • Each batch of production is carefully inspected, after which an audit report is sent to the customer prior to shipment

Our company has always dragnet quality at competitive prices. Other than that, we make the best effort to reach customers target prices without compromising on quality.

If you are new customer, we encourage you to explore the long-term cooperation with us.

We would be happy to receive your 2D and 3D drawings to check our quotation.

Our Philosophy

The core belief of Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd is to give our customers best service at the best price. So in turn, the customer is able to sell his products in his competitive market.

In fact, we are committed to leveraging every possible approach to manufacture the parts in the most affordable manner, so that our customers can manage their operating investment well.

Here is what we have worked to achieve our vision-

  • Progressive production methods and regulated processes for best product finish
  • Thought to product aesthetics and compliance with the requisite measurements
  • Bringing the products to an optimum position with efficient production

As a result, customers enjoys low costs and a high-grade finish at the best prices. We do our utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products. We would be happy to receive your demands and be part of our satisfied customers family.

As our aim is to give a competitive edge to our customers in their specific niche, which is why we are more than happy to receive target prices.

Please call us on +86-755-8280575
send us an email on to align with our philosophy.

Welcome to be our satisfied customer

We are revered across the industries for our integrity and commitment to highest-level of customer service. Our highly talented personnels cross-examines the supply chain in all stages – from the time the order is received through the production, until delivery of the shipment to the required destination is effectuated.

As our premium services have gained popularity with our clients, we pride ourselves in gaining a lot of traction in the amount of recommendations.

If you are new to our firm, we would be happy to receive your drawings and likewise send you an attractive price quote for the best quality products.

Simply send us 2D/3D drawings of the products that you need and your requisite quantities. As we accept your request we make every possible effort to reach your price target.

Start by sending us an email on

Management Team

Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd is a professional mechanical parts, sheet metal fabrication producer and best service supplier. We provide one-stop OEM services, tooling design, stamping machines, laser machines, CNC machines, surface treatment, packing for shipment. We provide other related products and service according to customers requirements. Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd locates at Shenzhen, China which is one of the most important port and mechanical parts base of China. The company was established in 2003, occupies 13000 ㎡and has about 200 employees now. Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd keeps rapid development professional manufacturing capacity, rigorous working attitude, and satisfactory customer service. Now customers are mainly from Europe and America including well-known enterprises. Kinds of industries it serves including Mechanical, Auto & Motorcycle, Lighting, Electronic, Public Facilities, etc. It has built up a good reputation. Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd aims to be a first-class international enterprise, pls welcome to be one of our customers from all over the world, pls join us and be also our satisfied customer.

Mr. Yy - 叶勇


General Manager and in charge of all departments. Over 20 years of experience. And familiarity with the global marketplace with comprehensive knowledge of all aspects. Mr. Yy is known for the ability to negotiate between the client’s target prices and production costs. This significantly helps in lowering the cost to the customer while maintaining the required quality.

Mr Bob - 刘波


Quality control engineer with 18 years of rich experience in the field. He has been securing ISO 9001 certification every year for our manufacturing products. As a quality control manager, he performs quality tests, measurements and raw material tests and issue COT/COC reports for every shipment according to the AQL standard. This is implemented both in the manufacturing process and before delivery by Mr Bob. Apart, he also ensures that the parts comply with all quality requirements.

Mrs Nancy - 刘玲


Supply chain manager with 18 years of experience. Mrs Nancy is mainly responsible for the PO’s delivery to our customers. From accepting the Purchase Order till the shipment of the parts to our clients. She inspects and supervises tests on a daily basis along with the production Manager to maintain delivery of the products on time.

Mr Li - 李学祥


The factory manager in our company with 25 years of experience. Mr Li is responsible for all production system, work productivity, workers, raw materials, machinery maintenance, tools, molds and supplying products to customers. He makes sure that each department performs the tasks of the factory properly. Thereby he ensures that all the manufacturing projects from our factory are successful.

Mr Tian - 田先进


Mechanical engineer with 19 years of experience. Responsible for the engineering of all new products including– NPI , parts design, Mold design, DFM process etc in order to meet the required level of customer satisfaction. Mr Tian’s accumulated experience is reflected through his broad support since the design stage to production of parts in a more faster and effective manner.

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