Company Introduction

Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd. transcends as the manufacturer of a wide range of custom-made mechanical parts to all major industries across the globe. Least to say that our company has gained an affirmative presence in the market and sustained it for more than 15 years.

Located at Shenzhen, China (one of the most important port and mechanical parts base in the country) the company was established in 2003. At present, we occupy 13000 ㎡ and have about 200 skilled employees working at our base to make dreams possible for our clients.

We provide one-stop OEM services, tooling design, stamping machines, laser machines, CNC machines, surface treatment, packing for shipment, other related products and services in accordance with the customer requirements.

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Feel free to Contact us for all your manufacturing custom-made metal parts and metal sheet fabrication requirements. Give us a call or WhatsApp on +86-755-8280575 or write to us on

Our Products

We Meet Customer's drawing requirements

We make absolutely certain that all custom-made metal parts are customized in complete par with the client requirements, ascertaining each and every demand.

The Best Quality Production in China

We are committed to the ISO 9001 standards with our products. The manufacturing process is thoroughly vetted for enhanced quality.

Attractive Quotation to meet customer targets

We commit our best throughout the manufacturing process, carefully devising each move to save the unnecessary costs.

Talk to our professionals on +86-755-8280575 or write to us on to add graphics, logo, labeling with our precision digital printing and manufacturing services.

Custom Made Metal Parts

You can approach Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd. for the manufacturing of a large variety of custom-made metal parts, such as brackets, plates, frames, arms, bus bars, fixtures and more, in the quickest frame of time. We are known for quality manufacturing of mechanical parts at most competitive rates in the market. Least to say, we are a one-stop destination for custom, fully-finished precision sheet metal parts. We give you the freedom to choose from a variety of materials, hardware, fasteners and powder coat colors to give you perfectly finished custom-made metal parts. ✓ Competitive Pricing ✓ Full Service Manufacturing ✓ Quick Manufacturing with lead time ✓ Customer-friendly Service ✓ Quality Parts, Every Time ✓ Prototype Service Available ✓ Made in China

Have A Complete Control Of Your Project!

Send us 2D/3D Diagrams and write to us about your target costs on and our professionals will instantly get back to you to discuss your specifications. You can also make a call on +86-755-8280575 and get a general idea for your custom-made metal parts.

Our Blog


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