Progressive Die

Progressive Die Stamping Parts

At Asian Mechanics 1988 Ltd. progressive die stamping parts are one of our many diverse specialties. We have unique manufacturing capabilities that lower the operating cost, ultimately diminishing the entire expense of the product.

Our Progressive Die Stamping Capabilities -

  • Seamless Transition To High volume Runs as per customer demands
  • Shorter Runs for Existing Parts
  • Built-in Quality Control
  • Additive changes to required part at each station
  • Product-specific Packaging for Completed parts
  • Highly advanced Stamping Presses
  • Customization with a wide range of materials
  • Working with simple to complex and customer-owned dies.
  • Best designed, maintained and manufactured in-house dies
  • Custom die tooling for precision stamping

Give us a call on +86-755-8280575 or write to us on sales@asianelectronicsltd.com today! Send us your 2D/3D designs along with your targeted price for the project.

Using Progressive Die Metal Stamping

Progressive die metal stamping process include a continuous feed of material is transferred through multiple stations to form complete parts. Since you can perform multiple cutting and forming operations simultaneously, this can save you a lot of costs. In fact, progressive die stamping allows you to maintain close tolerances.

We have the best equipment to produce progressive die stamping parts, which are further employed by a variety of industries including automotive, locomotive, heavy trucks and RVs, electronics, and agriculture.

Work with our Qualified Team of Engineers

We have a strong commitment to customer requirements. This is why our team of qualified engineers are able to develop custom die tooling. Once you submit your 2D/3D drawing, our team will review your prototype and discuss it with you.

We have a creative and flexible manufacturing process with the right skills for high-volume production. Our advanced and cost-effective solutions can help your company to instrumental growth. Other than that our quality controllers make sure that engineering design and manufacturing is always premium.

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