EMI Shielding case sheets

Durable EMI Shield Cases in China

We provide EMI shielding case to block the entry and/or exit of electromagnetic waves in some sensitive electronic devices. Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd manufactures finest range of EMI shields as per your requirements to deter the impact of EMI interference.

Let’s discuss your project specifications. Share your 2D and /or 3D drawings allowing our engineers to get a clear insight of your peculiar requirements for the EMI shield cases.

From providing a prototype to large quality, our engineers take painstaking approach to meet your specifications. Please give us a call or WhatsApp on +86-755-8280575 or write to us on sales@asianelectronicsltd.com if you need more changes.

Customized EMI Shield Cases

For any complex requirements that goes beyond the standard dimensions and tolerance, we will notch up our manufacturing capabilities including leasing new machines, technologies etc. The production for the final order is only given a nod only if the prototype is approved by the client.

  • Prevents EMI ranging between frequencies from a few hertz to over 50 GHz.
  • Superior manufacturing steel
  • QA/QC certifications
  • Efficient shipping in China
  • Multiple applications in medical devices, aviation, automotive, telecommunication,computer, electronics, military etc.

Our engineers are effectively involved in the entire production cycle. We are committed to add more value to the products for given investment made on our manufacturing competence.

Over 15 years of industry experience has helped us streamline our operational capabilities to reduce the cost and improve the output. Each and every EMI shielding case is quality tested through each stage of production to achieve excellence.

Don’t hesitate to reach our Technical Sales staff for advice beyond the standard boundaries of manufacturing mechanical components and parts.

Look at our happy and satisfied customers to entrust Asian Electronics 1988 Ltd.

Get free quotes on EMI shield cases - Please give us a call or WhatsApp on +86-755-8280575 or write to us on sales@asianelectronicsltd.com for more information. Share your 2D/3D designs to clear your expectations and get a competitive price for the order.

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