We’re glad to serve the medical sector with the highest quality parts required for designing and production of the surgical instrument, medical devices etc.


Our quality-certified home appliances parts are great for keeping your equipments performing well. All our products are durable and have fine finishing.

Home Appliance

We have considerable experience in designing and manufacturing parts for controls. It allows you to meet the stringent quality & performance standards of the client’s industry.


We manufacture mechanical parts for the equipments required for digital video streamings. Each part at Asian Mechanics reaches a maximum quality level before being delivered to clients.

Digital Video Streams

Thanks to our abilities and flexibility, we are capable of producing and delivering high-tech tailor-made mechanical parts for our esteemed clients.


We use cutting-edge technology to produce Agricultural Equipments, machinery and spare parts.You can rely on us for the quality products.

Agricultural - Irrigation

Our wide selection of bearings, scissor lifts, chains, sprockets, Stepper Motors, shaft collars and more can be used for robots. You can also place custom-order that fits your personal needs.


We stock parts required to manufacture automatic vehicle fueling. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your special needs. We will use our skills and rigor to meet specific requirements.

Automatic Vehicle Fueling

You can receive recommendations before development stage of the high-precision parts for the field of connecting at Asian Mechanics. We can design & develop dies and other complex tools.


We produce mechanical parts for the equipments required in alarm system including fire alarm initiating devices, notification devices, control panel, display panels and more.


System Alarm

We design, develop and test simple to complex parts for the machinery used in the commercial sector. Our goal is to empower our clients with means to successfully run their business.


Whether you want parts for printing machinery, industrial equipments, casting, moulding machines, metalwork machines etc. We are capable of meeting all your needs with assured quality.


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